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Standard Organisation gives 14 days ultimatum for Products Registration

By on November 2, 2011

The Standard Organisation of Nigeria (SON) gives an ultimatum of 14 days for importers and manufacturers of goods to register their products with the organisation, this exercise is in its pursuit of its zero tolerance policy on substandard products in the country. The Director General, SON, Mr. Joseph Odumodu, explained that the move was to ensure that every product that enters into the country was traceable to the country of origin or manufacturers.

At the electric light-bulb stakeholders’ meeting in Lagos, Odumodu disclosed that Nigeria loses about N500 million annually from buying substandard electric bulbs.He said that the electrical and electronics market in Nigeria has been a source of serious concern to the organisation due tothe high rate of importation of substandard and counterfeited products, which must be checked togive citizens value for their money.

“If you have not yet registered your product or your registration has expired, please do so within the next few days because henceforth import permit is required for the importation of bulbs. Enforcement activities have commenced to mop up all the failed products from the warehouses and markets,” he said.

However, some bulb sellers in Alaba commented that there were so many challenges faced by the importers of bulbs into the country. They also disclosed that the filament toxin bulbs cannot only be attributed to be substandard, but that most of these bulbs burn out as a result of power surges from generating sets.