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Chinese Firm to Assist SON in Tackling the Menace of Fake Products

By on December 11, 2012

A fake product

In its quest to restore values and sanity to the importation of goods into the market in Nigeria, the Certification bearer the Standards Organization has received a major boost by entering into a strategic partnership with a leading Chinese Certification firm the Chinese Certification and Inspection Group (CCIG)   tackling the influx of fake products into the country.

Nigeria at the International level  has been making its case for the Anti-Dumping measures policy to be enforced, as it has been at the receiving  end of  the importation of sub-standard products through the collaboration of some Groups in the Developed countries and greedy businessmen from Nigeria.

Dr Joseph Odumodu the Director General Standards Organization of Nigeria (SON) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Chinese firm  signalled a new paradigm shift in the quality drive in the Nation for products and goods.

Several weeks ago the Nigerian Quality Summit coordinated by the SON harped on the need and drive for values to be restored in the manufacturing and packaging  of goods and services in the Country, meaning zero tolerance for sub-standard products.

Nigeria sadly has been characterized as a Nation that countries feel they can dump their sub standard products in and also make profit from it, but with this new deal with the CCIC the language and pattern will definitely change to no more zone for low quality products and goods.

Speaking on the partnership Dr Odumodu said “Every product that must come into the country must undergo through some form of testing and certification and that is why we have said that the independent accreditation agency has to take the sample from the same batch that is being exported to Nigeria or any of its neighbours.”

He assured Nigerians that under his administration SON will uphold the tenets of ensuring total compliance in quality products  and thorough verification of products imported into the country, axing the ones that are below standard without compromising standards or being complacent about discharging its duty.

On its part the CCIC Deputy General Manager Mr Cui Lei in his own remark stated that CCIC was out to improve the quality and standard of products globally, and was optimistic that its partnership with Nigeria will guarantee effective implementation of high standard policy.