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SON seizes containers of substandard second-hand cylinder

By on March 29, 2011

Standards Organisation of Nigeria (SON) recently seized 4-feet container load of substandard second-hand cylinders.

Mr Suleiman Isa,  Head of Enforcement, SON, disclosed in Lagos while showing journalists round some of the seized substandard items, including cylinders that were seized at  Apapa port, Lagos. Isa said that SON intercepted and seized substandard goods and cylinder loaded in containers,  adding that the goods were concealed with other items such as used bicycles, television sets, toys, among others.

He warned the general public not to patronise secondhand cylinders, saying it could lead to inferno and destroy life and properties.

“We are worried that an importer could import items that could destroy the lives and properties of other citizens, all in the name of  making profit,” he said.

According to him, the seized items would be destroyed after all the necessary paper work have been concluded Isa, however, could not ascertain the actual value of the seized cylinders, saying the products worth billion naira.

Isa urged the importers and manufacturers to adhere strictly to the guidelines of Mandatory Conformity assessment Programme (MABCAP and SON Conformity Assessment Programee (SONCAP) to rid the country of substandard products.

The enforcement chief said that the new scheme would drastically reduce the destruction of substandard products which had caused the country huge capital flight.

He called for total compliance with the scheme to achieve the desired benefits, adding that the scheme would aid the government destination inspection objective.

“SON only destroys goods that are dangerous to lives and properties, such as food items, cables, fake textiles, candles, among others,” he said.
He noted that the organisation had been strengthned under the administration of Dr Joseph Odumodu, new Director- General of SON to combat influx of substandard items at the various border posts through proper surveillance.

But if importers are able to do the right thing and import quality goods, we don’t have to spend hard earned money to destroy them,” he said.

“I appeal to importers to import standard goods to safeguard the lives of fellow citizens.” He reiterated that SON was set up to advise government generally on the national policy on standards, standards specification, quality control and metrology.

He said that the organisation also provided the necessary measures for quality control of raw materials and products in conformity with the standard specification and to designate, establish and approve standards in respect of metrology, materials, commodities, among others.

Source : Tribune