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Lawmakers Refuse Trojan Horse Gift from Subsidy Firms

By on April 24, 2012

Fifteen embers of the House of Representatives have rejected a foreign trip organized and financed by oil marketers. The oil marketers, who also benefitted from the subsidy payments had planned to fly the lawmakers to Houston on an all-expenses paid trip to attend a ‘conference’.

The lawmakers,  refused the trip, not wanting to compromise their integrity or the integrity of the entire House at a sensitive time like this, when their would-be sponsors are being investigated on serious charges of graft bordering on gross economic sabotage.

An unidentified source told Nation News, “The practice in the past was for one or two members to be participating in the conference. But, some oil marketers offered to sponsor 15 members of the House this year.

“Following the coincidence of the sponsorship with the release of the report of the Ad Hoc Committee, we suspected a plot to scandalize the House leadership.

“But the selected 15 members have met with the Speaker and decided to reject any sponsorship from oil marketers. The House may not even go to the conference, if it is extremely necessary. And where there is need to be represented, the House will foot the bill.”