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Fuel Subsidy Probe II: PPPRA Boss Accused of Making False Submissions to Senate Committee

By on May 31, 2012

The Senate Committee Investigating the Fuel Subsidy Scheme has been bamboozled by the submission of conflicting information regarding total subsidy payments attributable to 2011.

The Executive Secretary of the Petroleum Products Pricing Regulatory Agency (PPPRA) has been accused by members of the Senate committee of providing them with conflicting statistics.

Senator Magnus Abe reminded the PPPRA boss that he was under oath and subtly accused him of lying in his submission.

He said, “You gave us figures of subsidy payments and what you gave to us before and what you are presenting now don’t tally at all. If you pay subsidy claims based on the manual verification, why are you giving us the one from your analyzer?

“You are under oath; if we find out that what you are telling us is not the correct thing, we will take the matter up legally against you.”

The bane of contention had to do with the fact Stanley said the payments were made based on physical verification, yet he provided the Senate committee with data from an analyzer.

Magnus Abe issued a directive to Stanley, ordering him to provide the authentic information or face the consequences.

He said, “We are asking the PPPRA to submit all the documents from the petroleum products suppliers since 2006. If any fails to do so, he should be sanctioned. PPPRA should write the suppliers to bring the documents.”