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NCC Explains GSM Quality of Service Issues, Says N 1.7 billion Fine is Justified

By on May 17, 2012

The head of the Nigerian Communications Commission, Eugene Juwah has attributed the problems facing the GSM quality of service to the fast paced growth of the Nigerian telecoms industry.

Testifying before the Senate Committee on Communications yesterday Juwah said “The problem of poor quality of GSM service can be attributed in part to the astronomical growth of the telecommunications market in Nigeria.

“For five years running, Nigeria was the fastest growing telecoms market in the  world. As we are speaking today, Nigeria is the fastest growing telecoms market in Africa. This growth has consequences and the consequences were low plan by the operators which we are seeing today that has resulted in poor quality of GSM services. ”

In response to an inquiry from the Chairman of the Senate Committee, Gilbert Nnaji as to whether the telecoms companies had paid their recently imposed fines amounting to N 1.7 billion, Juwah said, “We could not sanction them in December because we did not have the regulation to do that. The regulation we are using to sanction them was just gazetted towards the end of February. If you sanction the service providers, they will take you to court and the action will become null and void.

“So, we are on a very solid ground to sanction them now and we are now waiting for them to pay us. They have written to us asking for a meeting, but the sanction still stays.”