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Grid loses 2,424mw to gas, transmission constraints

By on May 17, 2017

The Nigerian electricity grid lost 2,424 megawatts (mw) to gas, water and transmission line constraints across the Generation Companies (GenCos) last Friday, the Daily Trust reports.

Industry statistics revealed that 1,962mw was lost due to gas supply shortage to nine thermal GenCos; line constraint hindered the transmission of 200mw from Afam VI GenCo while the rest of 260mw was lost due to water constraint at Shiroro hydro GenCo.

The peak generation for the day was 4,196mw and the off-peak period had 3,393mw. But for the triple constraints, the national grid would have had 6,620mw peak generation, being the highest after a peak of 5,076mw was reached in February 2016, our analysis indicated.

The breakdown shows that Geregu National Integrated Power Projects (NIPP) GenCo lost 290mw due to two idle turbines; Olorunsogo NIPP lost 390mw as three turbines were unutilised and Egbin plant lost 372mw as three of its turbines didn’t function that day.

Delta power plant only produced 210mw because 11 of its turbines were out; Gbarain NIPP only produced 112mw with a turbine; Omotosho Gas produced 114mw and had three idle turbines; Alaoji NIPP generated 360mw but also lost out three turbines

Omotosho NIPP only produced 120mw with a turbine and Olorunsogo Gas lost three turbines but generated 114mw.

The transmission line constraint hindered the generation of 200mw from one of Afam VI turbines. Another 260mw was lost to water constraint at Shiroro hydro GenCo as two of its turbines went out.

As at the weekend, the power sector has capacity to deliver 9,084mw of electricity. However an average of 3,176mw was actually generated using 2,906 metric standard cubic feet per day (mmscf/d). A generation capacity of 5,908mw was stunted because of inadequate gas supply to the GenCos.


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