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Electricity grid loses 429mw, drops to 3,598mw

By on May 3, 2017

The Nigerian electricity grid has lost 429 megawatts (mw) last Sunday as it dropped to 3,598mw, when the April month ended.

Industry statistics obtained yesterday indicated that generation had fluctuated significantly from the 4,518mw attained earlier in the week to a low level of 113mw, with a total system collapse and blackout lasting for hours on Wednesday. The collapse is the third of such in the month of April 2017, it showed.

The highest of power generated by Saturday was 4,027mw but fell to 3,212mw the same day, the data revealed. About 83,997 megawatt hours (mwh) was transmitted to the 11 Distribution Companies (DisCos) to service the over six million registered electricity users in Nigeria.

Additional data obtained exclusively showed that 22 Generation Companies (GenCos) generated 4,076mw at peak period and 3,397mw at the off peak period last Thursday, a day after the system collapsed.

Equally, a cut of 2,199mw in grid capacity the same day was again largely traced to the shortage of gas supply to the 22 power stations that operated.

The Daily Trust analysis shows that Geregu National Integrated Power Plant (NIPP) lost 290mw as two of its turbines went out.

Olorunsogo NIPP had lost a turbine and could not produce 360mw; Egbin steam turbine was affected, losing 220mw.

Delta Power had 11 turbines shut down and only managed to generate 140mw; a turbine went out at Gbarain NIPP with 112mw lost.

At Omotosho Gas, two turbines went out and 76mw was lost; Alaoji NIPP also stopped two turbines and lost 240mw. A turbine at Omotosho NIPP which could generate 120mw went off; two turbines also went off at Olorunsogo Gas with 76mw of power unutilised; while Afam VI belonging to Shell JV lost three turbines and could not produce 400mw.

The loss of the other 164mw was traced to high frequency resulting from the loss of some DisCos’ feeders. Shiroro hydro’s turbines lost 125mw, and Ibom Power’s turbine lost 39mw bringing the total electricity loss to 2,199mw.


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