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Lagos targets 3000mw of electricity – Ambode

By on February 16, 2017

Lagos State Governor, Akinwunmi Ambode on Wednesday said the state plans to generate up to 3000 Mega Watts of electricity under its embedded power programme which would be deployed to various power plants in strategic locations within the state in the next three to seven years.

The governor who broke down how the state will reach the set target explained that 350MW of incremental power will be delivered by first quarter of 2018, additional 850MW by fourth quarter of 2018, and the balance of 1,800MW to be deliver by third quarter of 2022.

Ambode disclosed this when he received the report of the Embedded Power Technical Committee at the Lagos House today.

He said the state would support the Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) to be signed between the distribution companies (Discos) and the embedded power providers, to enhance sustainability of the projects.

The committee comprising of stakeholders in the power sector was set up to ensure 24-hours power supply in the state.

He explained that the quest by the country to achieve energy security can no longer be left for the Federal Government to address alone, hence the need for states to support government’s efforts.

Ambode explained that the rationale behind the embedded power initiative was designed to permanently resolve power crisis in the state and by extension in the country.

“The reason why we embarked on this initiative is that we believe strongly that if the power problem is solved in Lagos, it is technically solved in the whole of the country and so because Lagos has more or less tested a solution that works, we can scale this up and also address it on a national scale,” Ambode said.

He said the embedded power will be distributed off-grid within the state through the network of Eko and Ikeja Distribution Companies, while the State Government will support the distribution companies in upgrading their distribution infrastructure and installation of smart prepaid meters in the areas where embedded power is deployed.

Other areas of collaboration, according to the Governor, would include support for collection, appropriate legislation and enforcement of power theft laws.




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  1. Ksenona Brawn

    May 13, 2017 at 7:06 pm

    Good idea! I hope they will have money )) Lagos is the richest state in Nigeria for a reason. I read about it in this article I believe it will succeed.