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NCRIB to work with government on risk matters

By on October 20, 2015

The President, Nigerian Council of Registered Insurance Brokers, Mr. Kayode Okunoren, has said that the council will work with the government on risk preventive methods.

He said this while delivering his acceptance speech during his inauguration as the 18th president of the council in Lagos.

“In view of the pivotal place and role of government in growing the insurance industry and providing social benefits to the people, the council in the course of this regime will work more collaboratively with government, particularly in availing it with its repertoire of knowledge in risk management, to support relief operational efforts in the event of losses occasioned by fire and other hazards,” he said.

He said this was born out of the need to consolidate on the positive contributions of its past presidents and other leaders, as well as move the council forward.

Okunoren expressed optimism that the government would not bear the burden of compensation to victims of disasters if insurance was given its due place, adding that this effort would free its resources for other progressive ventures and aid the fiscal thrust of government.

While speaking on his set objectives, he said that the council would ensure improved collaboration with the National Insurance Commission.

He also said that the NCRIB would prioritise the development of professionalism, mentorship, increase the tempo of government lobby and other stakeholders as well as ensure aggressive advancement of members’ interests.

According to him, the council will seek the improved image of brokers, strengthen its international relations and boost manpower development.

Since the insurance broking profession could not operate in isolation, he said the administration would be more strategic in engaging government, particularly the three arms, to get sufficient positive image and favour for the growth of the broking profession.

He said his team would also be under obligation to foster the spirit of unity and collaboration already existing in the insurance industry, especially through the Insurance Industry Consultative Council.

He said the administration would treat members in their individual rights and ensure the protection of their interests, adding that it would improve the morale of individual members and give them a sense of belonging.

The council, Okunoren said, would be more ingenious in coming up with more relevant and adaptive training strategies that would benefit members.

“The council will strive to be more proactive, rather than reactive in tackling issues and threats to the collective survival of the industry as they evolve,” he said.