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Airtel warns distributors against selling below recommended price

By on June 27, 2015

Telecommunications giant, Airtel, has cautioned distributors of the network, also known as channel partners, against selling its products below the prices fixed by the company.

The company has been giving out a lot of mouth-watering rewards and incentives to distributors who have been able to achieve mileage in their customer base and sales. As a result, most of its distributors, in order to meet the target, sell below recommended price to attract more customers.

But the Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of Airtel, Mr. Segun Ogunsanya, has warned that the practice will only reduce operators to a state of poverty.

Ogunsanya, who was speaking at this year’s Airtel Channel Partners Awards, observed that channel partners were not making money because they were not selling at the right prices.

He said, “We want all our channel partners to make more money so they will be able to buy their own buses and expand more but that can only happen when they sell at the recommended prices.”

During the Awards, which also featured exhibitions from channel partners of the company across Nigeria and other African countries as well as banks and other corporate bodies, the company unveiled additional incentives for its channel partners.

In his opening remarks during the event themed “hunger to win customers for life,” Ogunsanya attributed the growth of the telco in the past one year to the strong support received from the trade partners.

He added that as an additional incentive to encourage more support from the partners, distributors who opened new showrooms would be paid monthly for the next three years.

He said, “We have launched a robust revenue-sharing scheme whereby every channel partner who is opening a showroom will be paid every month for 36 months.

We have also launched the ‘hit a billion naira’ promo where one million naira will be given to a customer on a daily basis for three days as well as free airtime, cash and other gifts.

There is also the activation bonus on first recharge which involves giving money to a channel partner for every new customer he or she brings. “We believe in promoting a reward culture that reflects our belief in mutual partnership. I encourage all of you to take due advantage of the opportunities before you and at the same time, seek additional initiatives that will give you an edge in the market place,” he said.

The event served as a platform for rewarding top performing trade partners for loyalty and commitment as the company gave out 14 buses, Prado, Benz SUVs and other luxury prizes.