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Airtel selects Ericsson for 3G Network deployment

By on February 27, 2015

Airtel Niger has named Ericsson as its exclusive 3G High Speed Packet Access (HSPA) end-to-end hardware, software and related service vendor in Niger Republic. The deployment of the state of the art 3G end-to-end network complements the telecom operator’s strategy to enrich the customer experience by offering reliable high-speed mobile broadband, and a wider range of consumer services.

Broadband is a transformative platform that impacts the ICT sector as well as other sectors of the economy, it facilitates growth and innovation strengthening the economy as a whole. Research shows that broadband speed and penetration drive GDP, productivity and employment growth.

Globally, broadband has transformed the way people work, play, learn and do business; it has a massive potential to boost economic growth, lift people out of poverty, and improve their health, nutrition, and education. At the same time, the mobile phone has become one of the main tools for nearly five billion people in the world to communicate. Combined, mobility and broadband are a powerful force for societal transformation.

CEO Airtel Niger, Raymond Mendy, said: “3G was a must in our strategy in Niger where data penetration is still very low. As a leader in Niger’s telecoms market, Airtel’s ambition is to bring innovative data products and services that will help people and businesses to unlock their potential. Internet connections will never be the same with Airtel 3G service.”

The network, which extends across the country, comprises radio base stations based on Ericsson’s latest multi-standard radio access portfolio, RBS 6000; the latest radio network controller, RNC 3280; and the latest core technology, which will drastically boost the capacity of the network and transform it with IP functionality. The RBS 6000 multi-standard radio base station substantially reduces power consumption, lowering operational expenditure for Airtel and reducing the long-term environmental impact.

Country Manager, Ericsson Niger, Messe Kone, said: “Mobile broadband is playing an increasingly important role in our daily lives. It is changing the way we are entertained, educated, work and share information. It also has the power to improve the quality of our lives. We are excited to have been chosen by Airtel to bring this new opportunity to the market.”