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CIIN supports plan to create 150,000 new jobs

By on December 23, 2014

The President, Chartered Insurance Institute of Nigeria, Mr. Bola Temowo, has said the firm will contribute substantially to the plan to create 150,000 new jobs in the insurance sector in the next three years in tune with the Federal Government’s mandate.

He said this during the graduation and fellowship awards ceremony of the institute in Lagos.

“We have also taken cognizance of the new mandate by the Federal Government requiring the insurance sub sector of the national economy to create 150,000 new jobs in the next three years and 300,000 in the next decade,” he said.

He said the graduation and awards ceremony was the outcome of the governing council ratification of the conferment of the institute fellowship on three deserving members and the election of 126 members as associates of the institute after satisfying the stipulated requirements.

Temowo said the institute had successfully demonstrated its commitment to the actualisation of the three tier examination structure which allows qualifiers at each level of the examination to obtain a certificate of completion.

According to him, the production of an updated register of members will therefore continue to be a major responsibility of the institute.

With the addition of three new fellows and 122 associates, he said the registered professional members of the CIIN would be 209 fellows and 2,748 associates.

The CIIN boss said that the establishment of the College of Insurance and Financial Management planned to take off fully in the first quarter of 2015 remained a significant development in the direction of getting more people into the insurance industry.

With academic programmes on the verge of starting, he said the college was poised to provide ample opportunities for persons desirous of joining the industry.

He said the policy of the council was that all certificates issued by the institute remained its property and could be withdrawn from the holders if the institute had good reasons to do so.

Temowo said the unity of all arms of the insurance industry would continue to be non-negotiable.

“This is not only desirable but necessary for the progress and development of our industry and right positioning in the national economy,” he said.