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10 million farmers register for FG’s agriculture scheme

By on January 16, 2014

The Federal Government said on Wednesday in  Kaduna  that no fewer than 10 million farmers had so far been registered under the Growth Enhancement Scheme of its  Agricultural Transformation Agenda Programme.

The Director, Federal Ministry of Agriculture, Dr. Talabi  Odeyemi, who stated this at the Regional Mechanisation stakeholders sensitisation workshop in Kaduna,  noted that the government intended to continue with the registration of more  farmers  in 2014.

Odeyemi noted that the  ATA  was geared towards moving agriculture from a development project to a profitable business venture, adding that  the programme would provide “youth employment, create wealth for farmers and be a major driver in rural development.”

He maintained that the ATA was developed along value chains of crops in which Nigerians had competitive advantage, adding that the success of the programme and other agricultural enterprise depended largely on the level of farm mechanisation.

The Director  told  the gathering that the government  had put in place a bush clearing intervention with about 6000 hectares of farm land earmarked to be cleared across the country as a way of assisting farmers who have difficulties in that area.

He expressed concern that despite previous efforts by past government, the level of mechanization in the country  was estimated 0.027 horse power/hectares as against the Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) specification of 1.5ha/ha.




  • Joseph U. Afurobi

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    British colonial masters reasoned it would be very hard to rule the South; with all the battles and resistance they encountered from people living there. They also noticed the inhabitants of the area are resourceful, intelligent, and very eager to be educated. They reasoned something drastic has to be done, in order not to loose grip of the colony in future.
    Then, they took the decision to merge North and South. They counseled the Northerners to do everything possible, to put the Southerners under subjection, and rule over them. They warned Northerners should they ever concede power to the South, it would be disastrous for them; seeing that they had little mineral resources to sustain them if there is separation.
    Moreover, the Southerners are much more educated and intelligent. Therefore, Northerners were placed as taskmasters over Southerners. The colonialists wanted to install puppet regime, they could easily manipulate. Since then, that mentality to rule Nigeria perpetually at all cost, has been there for decades. They want to dominate and control everywhere; even to the extent of owning most of the oil wells in far away Niger Delta: Warri, Port Harcourt, Bayelsa, etc.
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