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Animal Farm: Rearing dogs is multi-million naira business – Elueze

By on January 5, 2014

Jindu Elueze, aka halfman halfdog, is a young man who has found pleasure and passion in rearing dogs. In this interview with Saturday Vanguard Business,he reveals how rearing of dogs makes him fulfilling and also transform into good business. He also teaches listeners through his Pet Planet radio programme what it takes to handle breeds of dogs. Excerpts:

Can you explain your passion for dogs and how do you make life out of it?

Trying to explain my passion for dogs would seem like explaining my passion for my parents, being around animals most especially dogs is life fulfilling because they hold a lot of healing powers and provide for me a PURE and REAL unconditional LOVE. Growing up with 23 different breeds of dogs and till date I can’t remember ever being at home and no dog either inside the house or around the compound. I am from a family of dog lovers so its just natural the way I feel towards dogs.

Making a life out of it is an angle I am just starting to develop because it’s always the love for dog and making sure they end up in the right home where adequate love and care is been given to the dog. It has never been about money or profit making, but solely about passion.

What business could anyone do with rearing dogs?

Dog business is a multi-million Naira business because of the rate at which families are beginning to show more interest in old culture of rearing a dog with the family. The demand for different kinds of breeds is on the high side and very little is known to the average Nigerian about this trade. But having been in the trade professionally for eight years, I can say to you by experience that it’s surely a very high earning business that requires more awareness for Nigerians to queue in.

Tell us more on PET PLANET?

The radio show PET PLANET airs every Saturday between 4-5pm on CITY 105.1FM where I JAY HALFMAN HALFDOG & KEMI Smallzzz who is my female co presenter take our listeners on a journey of a life time. This is the first ever radio show based on dogs; How to take care of your dogs, what food to give, which bred is best for a particular family, simple tips on how to have a better obedient dog etc.

The radio show has been on air for over 22 weeks now with a growing fan base and notable celebrities in our society as followers and you need to see our growth check @petplanetnigeria on instagram. The major aim of PET PLANET is to provide information for dog lovers, dog owners and people who are interested in getting a dog with right steps and care more for the pet in a way where you get the optimal potential from your dog, and PET PLANET also has a 24 hour off air number  in case of emergency and information on dog.

We have been able to save many of them even without seeing the dogs provide adequate first aid to keep the pet alive till when they can be taken to a vet. Most importantly, the show is a family show where we have different callers from every part of Lagos  asking questions on how to win a prize on the show because we understand the key of learning in a very relaxed state .

Aside using them for security purposes, what else can it be used for?

This is one of the most important reasons for the show PET PLANET. Dogs are not or can not only be used just for security but for the following reasons below; companionship,walking aid for the very old, rescue work on land and sea, narcotic detection and prevention, bomb detection, etc. The above mentioned functions are just few that most people are not aware that dogs play a vital role because of their most effective functions that are super (hearing, smell, sight).

Are you trained on how to rear dogs because a lot of people don’t know how to handle them, some people forbid it in their culture?

Yes I am trained on how to rear dogs and even also planning to go overseas to improve the knowledge. However, been ‘HALFMAN, HALFDOG’ isn’t  not an easy thing but a lot of dedication.

Some people forbid dogs in their culture, this is true with some cultures that don’t allow the keeping of dogs. I just have to understand that and with more work from pet planet, that orientation can be changed and they can see the warmth and joy been around a dog.

What point are you trying to prove to Nigerians as a young man dealing on dog business?

It’s not a point am trying to prove but it’s my living dream been around dogs. I am also trying to get more like minds to come on board to help make our environment more conducive for dogs. For  business part of it, statistics will give more insight that Nigeria is setting on a multi million naira investment.

Do you think we really need dogs around us?

This question always puts a smile on my face. We really need dogs around us not because of the security aspect of it but for the hidden potentials a dog can posses and in turn bring out the very best in each and everyone of us.





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