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Search for top 50 brands in Nigeria begins

By on October 1, 2013

The search for Nigeria’s top 50 most market acceptable, sustainable and socially responsible brands has started. The criteria for nomination and selection of these brands, to commemorate the nation’s centenary celebration include popularity, good corporate governance, corporate social responsibility, customer service delivery, innovation, market acceptability and loyalty.

Brand value, sustainability, brand healthiness and bottom-lines are some of the other factors penciled down to adjudge the best 50 brands in country in January 2014, when the Federal government holds the grand finale of the country’s centennial celebration.

The project is powered by APT Brand International Limited and in partnership with VConnect Global Service and the Certified Board of Administration of Nigeria (CBAN).

According to the Project Coordinator of Top 50 Brands Nigeria, Taiwo Oluboyede, the initiative is to present a critical analysis of brands (companies) rating, which test healthiness, values and productivity of the brand.

Oluboyede, who spoke passionately about the project and its values, said further that the venture will create healthy competition among brands, enhancing customer driven delivery with insatiable desire for excellence, good corporate citizenship, thereby setting standard for minimum performance for brands in Nigeria.

“Our objective is to use the evolution stories and achievements of these brands as a reference point and inspiration for the populace,” he said.

Speaking on the selection process, Joseph Okonmah, Chief Executive Officer of Jasek Communications Limited, said activities leading to the selection of the top 50 companies started with a nomination process in which a total of 100 popular companies were nominated out of which 50 is being selected for celebration.

For the popularity test, according to Okonmah, who is also chairman of the Lagos branch of the Nigerian Institute of Public Relations (NIPR), said: “We have created evaluation software where we represented each of the 100 nominated brands with their logos. This software allows you to click on a particular company’s logo to select it. You could select between two and 50 brands at a time.”

There are about 40 million Nigerians who use the internet and according to the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC), over 120 million presently have mobile phones. In view of this, the project has developed a phone-based selection system called ‘Flash to Choose’.

Oluboyede, emphasised further that all a user is required to do is “dial a brand’s code to select it, it is free of charge.”



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