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SON boss decries Nigerians’ taste for sub-standard products

By on September 23, 2013

The Director General of Standards Organisation of Nigeria (SON), Dr. Joseph Odumodu, has said sub-standard products might remain in the Nigerian market because manufacturers earn huge turn-over from substandard products.

The director-general who was represented by his deputy, Louis Njoku, at a stakeholder’s forum with operators of Small and Medium Enterprises in Lagos said Nigerian importers have set a derogatory standard abroad with manufacturing countries as they often request for inferior products.

“Nigeria has its own standards. When we visited companies in Asian countries, we were shown two manufacturing centres, one for non-European and the other for Nigeria. Nigerians always ask for reduction of quality of their competitors to gain more customers,” he said.

Commenting on SON regulation approach in the country, he said SON reviews its regulations every three years and has 36 laboratories across the country to help quality assurance of Nigerian products, adding that the regulatory body has memorandum of understanding (MoU) with World Health Organisation (WHO) and other international organisations.

“Most of the sub-standard products are from Asian countries, not Europe. We are working with WHO and other international organisations to ensure that most of the sub-standard products are reduced. We are not killing businesses, but trying to help them grow,” he said.

He, however, warned manufacturers without the NCI trademark, saying the regulatory body is working on a plan that would prevent trading relationship between manufacturers without the trademark and other West African countries.

The President of Lagos Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Goodie Ibru said SMEs are one of the active and vibrant organs of the Chamber which focus on advancing and protecting the business interests in the country.

Represented by his deputy, Remi Bello, he noted that SON stands to promote industrial and economic development in the county and ensure that Nigerian products meet the required standards.

He said the forum was organised to enable LCCI members and non members to interact with the regulatory agency on issues affecting their businesses and how to conduct a healthy business atmosphere.

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