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LCADP targets small scale farmers

By on September 15, 2013

The Lagos State Commercial Agriculture Development Project is set to bring together stakeholders in the sector to brainstorm on the way forward.

According to State Project Coordinator, Mr. Kehinde Ogunyinka, the interactive session, will attract over 150 participants from small and medium scale rice, poultry and aquaculture farmers, processors and marketers as well as financial Institutions, community leaders and non-governmental organisations; state policymakers, representatives of the World Bank and members of the House Committee on Agriculture.

Ogunyinka said the forum was aimed at showcasing the results and impact of CADP on small-medium commercial farmers in the state.

He added that it would also be used to attract investors locally and internationally and to encourage farmers to network among one another.

He said the interactive forum would raise awareness and increase understanding of the project for possible adoption and scale-up by commercial farmers, which would facilitate buy-in and support of state and the Federal Government.

He said, “The role of the media cannot be over-emphasised in our quest towards food security and eradication of poverty since members of the fourth estate of the realms are key to the promotion of policies and performance of the CADP.

“This year’s interactive forum will not be limited to talk shop only, there will be a showcase of success stories and impact of CADP by lead farmer beneficiaries.’’