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More ships visit Nigerian ports despite piracy rating

By on September 10, 2013

Despite the high rating of the country in incident of pirates attack, Nigerian ports has continuously played host to increasing number of foreign vessels, according to data by the Nigerian Port Authority for the first half of 2013.

The NPA said 2,427 ocean going vessels berthed all Nigerian Ports (excluding crude oil terminals) with a total of 60,096,179 Gross tons within the period.

The analysis showed that most of the ports in the country recorded more than 10 percent increase in the Gross Registered Tonnage, casting doubts on claims that Nigerian waters is not safe, a label that foreign insurance firms use to justify the high insurance premium charged on ships calling at Nigerian ports, which is transfered to Nigerian importers, leading to high cost of goods in the market.

Gross registered tonnage (GRT) is a ship’s total internal volume expressed in “register tons”, one of which equals to a volume of 100 cubic feet (2.83 m3). It is calculated from the total permanently enclosed capacity of the vessel.

According to the half year report, the Tin Can Island port recorded a Gross registered tonnage of 19,666,634 gross tons, a 10.6 percent increase over the corresponding period of 2012, which was 17,777,277gross tons. A total of 830 vessels were handled in the period under review at the port.

Lagos Port Complex (LPC), Apapa, recorded a GRT of 16,189,825 gross tons showing an increase of 12.2 percent over the first half 2012 figure of 15,519,058 gross tons. Also in the same period under review, 712 ocean going vessels were handled at the Port.

In the Eastern ports, Calabar Port complex recorded a GRT of 1,337,475 gross tons showing a growth of 4.75 percent over 1,276,709 recorded in the corresponding period of 2012. Also 83 vessels were handled in Calabar Port.

The Delta Port Complex, Warri, handled a GRT of 1,897,220 showing an increase of 22.5 percent over the 2012 half year figure of 1,547,862 gross tons. 195 Vessels were handled at the Delta Port complex in the first six months of 2013. Although there is draught restriction, shuttle vessels to the Warri refinery are made bigger to enable carrying the requisite quantity of crude oil to the refineries at permissible draught.

Rivers Port complex in Rivers State recorded a total GRT of 3,418,309 gross tons reflecting a decrease of 5.5 percent as against 3,612,002 achieved in the first half of 2012. 227 Ocean going vessels were handled at the Port within the period.

The Onne Port complex recorded a Gross registered tonnage of 17,586,716 gross tons , 14.1 percent decline compared with 20,488,507 gross tons .The port handled 380 ocean going vessels in the period under review.

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