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Ajaokuta Steel: FG expresses satisfaction with level of work

By on June 27, 2013

THE Federal Government has expressed satisfaction with the level of work done at the Ajaokuta Steel Company Limited.

This was stated by the Minister of Mines and Steel Development, Arc Musa Mohammed Sada, during a visit by the Managing Director of Reprom Company Nigeria Limited, Mr. Attah Achimugu, who led his management team and foreign technical partners.

Mohammed said, “with appreciable level which the work has reached, operation of some section of the plant will commence soon”.

Reprom Company Nigeria Limited had signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Ajaokuta Steel Company Limited in March 2013 for billet conversion project to operate the thermal power plant and light section mill at the steel company.

The minister said: “Federal Government has expressed appreciation over progress made to operationalise the thermal power plant and light section mill of Ajaokuta Steel Company Limited.”

He noted that it was a thing of joy to hear from the investor, that work had reached advanced stage to kick start the thermal power plant and light section mill.

The minister added that Ajaokuta Steel Company had prospects for the industrialisation of Nigeria and that every well meaning Nigerian was looking forward to the realization of that vision.

He observed that Reprom Company Nigeria Limited and its foreign technical partners were worthy partners to achieve the objective of Ajaokuta Steel Company Limited since they understood the technology of the integrated steel plant.
The minister advised the company to fast-track implementation and completion of the Memorandum of Understanding on the steel plant in good time.

Sada noted that since every Nigerian was passionate about  Ajaokuta Steel Company Limited towards the industrial development of Nigeria, Reprom Nigeria Company Limited should keep Nigerians abreast of what it was doing at the integrated steel plant from time to time.

The  minister  thanked  the  investors  for  their  interest  in  the  project  and  reiterated  that  they  should    keep  the  spirit  of  the  agreement  alive  to  produce  steel  at  Ajaokuta  Steel  Company  Limited  very  soon.
Earlier  in  his  remarks, Managing  Director  of  Reprom  Company  Nigeria  Limited,  Mr. AttahAchimugu, said  that the essence  of  their  visit  was  to  brief  the minister on  the  progress  of   the  billet  conversion  programme  for  operationalising  the  Thermal  Power  Plant  and  the  Light  Section  Mill  of  Ajaokuta  Steel  Company  Limited .

Achimugu  disclosed  that  after  the  signing  of  the  Memorandum  of  Understanding  on  conversion  of  billets  to  operationalise  the  Thermal  Power  Plant  and  Light  Section  Mill   of  Ajaokuta  Steel  Company  Limited  they  sought  for  the  technical  support  of   the  people   who  initially designed  the  constituent  plants  and  assembled  them  from  the  three  major  countries  of  Ukraine,  Bellarus  and  the  Russian  Federation  who  have  keyed  into  the  project.

He disclosed  that  55  technical  experts  would arrive  Nigeria  from  Bellarus,  Ukraine, and Russian  Federation  next  week  to  commence  repair  works  on  some  of  the  plants  at  Ajaokuta  Steel  Company  Limited, with  a  view  to  startingoperations  at  the  Thermal  Power  Plant  and  the  Light  Section  Mill  by  sourcing  for  billets.

Mr. Achimugu  assured  that  they  would  do  their  best  in  operationalising  the  Thermal  Power  Plant  and  the  Light  Section  Mill  at  Ajaokuta  Steel  Company  Limited  very  soon.

Speaking  on  behalf  of  the  technical  partners, Mr. Suneon Birgev  of  Mogivlev Tech Montagie, said  they  were  going  to  do  their  best  in  the  execution  of  the  project  on  Ajaokuta  Steel  Company .