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Shell, LIMGE join forces against fire in Lagos

By on June 23, 2013

In a rare collaboration, Shell Nigeria Exploration Company (SNECO) and Lagos Island Millenium Group on the Environment (LIMGE) are joining forces to end fire disasters in Lagos.

Consequently the soft launch of Ajele Fire Station in the heart of Lagos Island took place.

The occasion was witnessed by many eminent people.

Speaking at the soft  launch, Chief (Mrs). Taiwo Taiwo, the president of LIMGE, said the initiative was to make sure “that no building on Lagos Island is ever gutted by fire again”. Taiwo added: “This was one of our clear  mandates from inception because we are aware of the fact that the Lagos Island area is densely populated with close clusters and has always been prone to fire incidents even from colonial times.

”What LIMGE is doing is showing an example of private public partnership for others to see and get involved in their communities so we can build a better Lagos and Nigeria.”

According to her, the project, which will be officially commissioned in June, boasts of a gym, recreational room, communication equipment, training facilities, four  state-of-the-art  fire fighting motorbikes, brand new fire fighting kits and top quality modern fire fighting. The LIMGE boss explained that 100 specially selected firemen have attended a comprehensive and extensive two weeks training facilitated by a fire chief from the New Jersey Fire Department.

“Our  new target is to make a-state-of-art fully equipped and functional fire station dedicated to business district and accessible 24hrs and well trained fully kitted firemen to be ready at all hours”.