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Vision 2020 may not be attained — Minister of National planning

By on April 25, 2013

The Minister of National Planning, Dr. Shamsudeen Usman, has expressed fear that the country may not attain its developmental aspiration as outlined in the Vision 2020 document.

Usman said the desire for Nigeria to be among the top 20 most developed economies in the year 2020 was unlikely to be achieved as planned.

The minister made this observation in Abuja late on Tuesday while presenting  his scorecard to the Peoples Democratic Party’s  National Working Committee.

He also blamed the  crisis in the power sector on the over 30 years of military rule, which he said relegated planning to the background.

The minister said when the government started the documentation of Vision 2020 in 2009, Nigeria was number 44 on the list of developed economies, adding that if by 2020 the nation rose to number 25, he would be a proud man.

Usman said, “Where were we in 2009? We were number 44. By the end of 2011, we were number 39; by the end of 2012, we were in number 36; this is progress.

“We made quite a lot of progress. In other areas, we did not. I don’t want any of you to meet me in 2020 and say you are the one telling us that we are going to be among the top 20.

“But what I am saying is that even if we are not among the 20 by that time, we were number 44 in 2009. If by 2020 we are number 25, I will be a very proud man.

“The reason is because we are consciously moving and doing all the necessary things to move up there.

“It is not saying we must be there. What it is saying is if we get there, then, these are the actions we must need to take as a country.”





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    April 26, 2013 at 8:08 pm

    We shall know the truth and the truth shall set us free. how can we Love god when we cannot not love our fellow me. Beware on how you treat the defenceless,lest without knowing you have serve God. There is no place like home. Chidi Onumah and Sam Amadi are the living example of University of Calabar.Reuben Albati etc. The core of our development in Nigeria is electricity,even urban development and national security. How is the year 2000,vision 2010, and MDG 2015? According to Tocquiville, a clear understanding of the future is a combination of the past and the present.Nigeria need political parties with distinctive political ideologies and party narrative to mobilise electorate, press freedom, strong Civil society and strengten of rule of lawas well as supremacy of the law to nuture democracy with democratic dividends that empowers her citizen and re-invent the patriotic zeal among Nigerian