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Fresh congestion imminent at Lagos port

By on April 25, 2013

Indication emerged in Lagos on Wednesday of likely fresh port congestion as one of the two machines for scanning containers has been withdrawn for “preventive maintenance.”

Already, the management of APM Terminals Apapa Limited has said it is experiencing a sharp increase in the number of containers meant for scanning.

This, the firm said, was making it difficult for it to meet its target of scanning containers within 24 hours.

APM Terminals thus advised importers and clearing agents with multiple containers to re-route them for physical examination at the Apapa Command of the Nigeria Customs Service.

A statement by the firm said the unexpected rise in the number of containers targeted for scanning was “hindering our capacity to maintain the booking and scanning of containers within 24 hours as it exceeds the 200 units daily agreed to.”

The statement quoted the Chief Commercial Officer, APM Terminals Apapa, Mr. Neil Fletcher, as saying, “The use of two scanners, which we normally fall back on in such situation with good support from Cotecna, is not available at the moment due to ongoing preventive maintenance.

“We had talks with the Customs Area Controller and he has agreed to route the Bills of Lading with multiple containers to physical examination so that the homogeneous goods policy can apply and less units are booked.”

He urged importers and agents to apply to the Apapa Customs Area Controller to re-route containers that fell in this category.

Fletcher also said, “The CAC has made provision for you to apply for fast track facility based on your volume, facility and integrity, even if you are not a beneficiary of the fast track facility.

“If you are a beneficiary of the fast track facility but it only covers your raw materials imported, you can also apply to the Nigeria Customs Service through the CAC for the facility to cover all cargo.”

He promised that APM Terminals would keep the customers updated on the situation as events unfolded.

Fletcher also said the terminal operator would continue to seek ways of partnering with relevant stakeholders to restore normalcy to the scanning operations.

“Do note that APMT has no intention of taking advantage of this situation and will refund any terminal charges on containers not scanned within 48 hours from the date of booking,” he said.