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Aero Contractors sacks Human Resource director

By on April 6, 2013

Following the sack of Aero contractors’ Director, Human Resource and Corporate Services, Mrs. Tope Fagbemi on Friday, the workers went into jubilation over the sack as they felt that her removal was a moment of respite for them.

The workers had called on the immediate sack of the Fagbemi, whom they considered was the architect of the harsh policies that led to the protests which grounded the airline’s operations between 13 and 29 of March.

“They have now come to understand what we were saying about her from the beginning. She wanted to kill the airline. We are so happy she’s gone now. Others will follow her,” the Acting General Secretary of the National Union of Air Transport Employees, NUATE, Motajo Abdukareen was quoted thus.

“No one will come and kill Aero. We built it with our sweat. No one can come and kill our airline,” a female employee said.

“God has come to our rescue. The battle is not won yet. But we will overcome,” she added.

While in jubilation, the workers held a party at the Lagos airport, made speeches, sang, danced, ate and drank to their satisfaction.

It would be recalled that Aero Contractors workers went on strike on 13 March over poor conditions of service as well plans by the Management to outsource jobs.

The airline was grounded for two weeks after Management dismissed more than 655 workers in one day and began recruitment of new staff.