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FAAN to introduce automated toll gates

By on March 28, 2013

The Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria (FAAN) will soon introduce automated toll gates in the 22 airports in the country, Mrs Henrietta Yabubu, the Head of Public Affairs, has said.

Yabubu, who disclosed this on Tuesday in Abuja, said the move was aimed at boosting revenue generation and collection.

She said the introduction of new toll fare would enable the authority to improve on the services it is rendering to the public.

On March 1, FAAN increased its toll fees in all airports, with cabs and mini buses now N200 instead of N100, while big buses and truck pay N300 and N500 as against N200 and N300 respectively.

Yakubu said the new toll fare would not stop the agency from introducing the automated toll gates, which are aimed at eliminating payment of cash at the gates.

“FAAN is remodelling most of the airports and it is necessary that services are improved; we increased our toll fare to give better services to members of the public, especially airport users,” she said.

“Already, FAAN has contracted out the automation of new toll gates, which will be operated along with the toll fare but people will no longer pay cash at the gates.

It is meant to take care of ambiguities in the system, such as people who do not pay; the automation will also encourage proper accounting for monies received from people entering the airports.”

Yakubu said the introduction of the gates would also assist FAAN to check what she called “the gap” in the system.

“Once the barrier is there, nobody can come into the airport without paying; it is the machine that will now operate, people will no longer deal with cash at the gates,” she said.

“The new system will allow people to pay weekly, monthly or yearly, depending on what they want. There will also be provision for the people who are coming into the airport for the first time.’’

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