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PPPRA to axe defaulting marketers

By on January 29, 2013
Executive Secretary, PPPRA, Mr. Reginald Stanley

Executive Secretary, PPPRA, Mr. Reginald Stanley

With a view to restructuring and reorganizing its operations effectively, the Petroleum Products Pricing Regulatory Agency (PPPRA) says it will not relent in its effort to axe marketers found wanting in their task and duty of delivering petroleum products by the AIg-Imokhuede Presidential Committee on Verification of Subsidy Payments.

A senior staff of the agency revealed that the decision to omit the names of the indicted marketers from the first quarter permit to supply petroleum products, was an initial short-term measure put in place to penalize the erring marketers, but said the longer term measures will be to totally delist them from the suppliers range.

The official also confirmed that not all the excluded marketers from the first quarter were indicted companies. He stated that they were excluded because of their inability to raise a strong financial base , which was a criteria for getting the permit.

He further stated “We are planning to treat indicted marketers like the briefcase marketers, who were removed from the scheme because they had no facilities. We will remove the indicted marketers permanently from the subsidy scheme because they engaged in fraudulent activities”.

Still speaking on the future of the Indicted Companies, the PPPRA official said they will only be allowed to trade but not to import and supply petroleum products, because of the inefficiencies and inconsistencies they brought in the past to the sectors. With this action taken, other marketers would have to brace up for dynamic and effective operations.