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Blackberry 10 licensing possible – RIM

By on January 22, 2013

As the January launch of the much talked about ‘Blackberry 10’ Smartphone draws near, the makers of the popularly used product, Research in Motion are giving considerations to the idea of licensing its operating system to other manufacturers.

This was part of the key points made by the Chief Executive Officer of the Company Mr Thorsten Heins during an Interview with German Newspaper Die Welt , where he clearly stated that it was likely possible, that his group would want to showcase the potential of the operating system.

Third party hardware makers will have the opportunity to explore the viability of the Operating System of the BB 10 and it can be utilized on Non-RIM devices in the mobile technology market.

Speaking ahead of next week’s launch of the new Blackberry device, the RIM boss said “We have taken the time to build a platform that is future-proof for the next ten years. Our aim is not only to Smartphones, but also to the use, for example, in cars that will be in the future increasingly networked. We see with BlackBerry 10 completely new areas of growth.”

It has been a serious struggle for RIM penetrating the Global Smartphone market, ever since Apple and Samsung grabbed the space with high-tech products that have put the two at loggerheads over who leads in the Industry.

With the launch of the BB 10 device, the blackberry manufacturers believe it will mark a revival for them in the globe, and create stiffer competition for the major players in the mobile technology sector.

The Company is now focused on rebuilding its brand and making products that can stand the test of time and last for decades. It is also planning a strategic restructuring of its operations that will make it more dynamic and innovative.