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McKinsey study reveals 1 in 3 people use smartphones while driving

By on January 16, 2013

As the Global craze for Smartphones devices increases, a new report has shown that 1 out of 3 owners, use the device while driving; a dangerous trend that has to be curbed. The Smartphone has brought out sleek, slim and superb features that can actually engage users the whole day.

However, in a poll on about two thousand drivers carried out by the reputable survey and research group, 35 percent of the respondents admitted to using their devices while on wheels.

The report by McKinsey tagged ‘Mobility for the Future’ zoomed in on the impact of the mobile industry on the driving behavior of phone users.

Out of the survey 89 percent of the drivers that admitted to using the device while driving, said they use their phones for calls, while 68 percent said they use it for navigation , 39 percent for instant messaging and 31 percent said they use their device for checking e-mails or surfing the internet.

Also in a closer analysis of the younger generation, 55 percent see the use of their mobile devices as an integral part of their lifestyle, listening to music, especially users of the sophisticated Apple iphones that has provisions for thousands of music from the i-tunes store.

Those from the Age bracket of 40-69 comprise 27 percent of the people actively engaged in the use of the device daily, as they use it for accessing their office mails, getting vital information e.g using GPS for navigation and direction.

Using phones while driving is a dangerous habit and it has caused several accidents across the globe. In Lagos, Nigeria it is an offence to drive and receive or make a phone call at the same time.

The Lagos State Traffic Management Agency (LASTMA) has been saddled with the responsibility of monitoring motorists, to bring to book those who commit the offence. But the new improvised devices of hands free and connecting an earpiece to the phone, is easing the stress of motorists in the city, who now avoid the trap of the enforcement agencies.