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Experts fear FG’s capacity to protect $25 billion telcos industry infrastructure

By on January 11, 2013
Chairman of the Nigerian Internet Group, Mr Bayo Banjo

Chairman of the Nigerian Internet Group, Mr Bayo Banjo

Stakeholders in the Information Technology sector have in their forecast and outlook for the year 2013, stressed that the Federal Government lacks the ability to secure the over $25 billion worth Infrastructure, brought to the Country by GSM network service providers.

They believe the Government has a lot to do this year in its approach and strategy towards the issue of security in the Country, Which is key for securing more strategic investment flows .

One of the challenges facing the rising profile of the Telecommunications sector, is the state of security around Installation equipment across the Country. It will be recalled that Network service in the North was disrupted due to some terrorist attacks last year in the region.

Chairman of the Nigerian Internet Group, Mr Bayo Banjo speaking on the issue, said “We have to blame the government squarely. Why are telecoms operators paying taxes and the government cannot provide security and protect their investments? Everything is government’s fault at the end of the day because the security operatives deployed will not even be able to do their job properly if they are not well motivated.”

This has also been the complaints of firms like Airtel, MTN, Etisalat and Globacom who have decried the level of security provided for their property and equipment in the 36 States of the federation.

Mr Bayo speaking further said “If you look at it, even from the beginning, telecoms revenues have never gone below 60 per cent in Lagos, which means the remaining 40 per cent is being shared among the other states. What it means is that the operators will concentrate in places where they can operate.”