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ICT Industry in Nigeria needs to grow – Uwaje

By on January 10, 2013
Mr Chris Uwaje

Mr Chris Uwaje

The Information Technology Sector in Nigeria, has been described as weak and in dire need of growth to meet up the global competition . President of the Institute of Software Practitioners of Nigeria (ISPON) Mr Chris Uwaje had claimed recently.

He urged the practitioners and players in the Industry, to think out strategies and frameworks that can develop the sector and bring rapid growth and development .

He stated that considering how vital the sector is to the transformation of the Nation’s Political Economy, time had come for the sector to be given full attention.

Federal Government have pledged their commitments over the years towards ensuring that Nigeria becomes a strategic Nation in Technology and Software development, but have not been pragmatic enough to ensuring that it is a reality.

Mr Uwaje said despite the growth in the sector in 2012, it was void of development and stressed the need for the Nation to utilize the potentials of the Software Knowledge Industry, which provides vast opportunities.

Mr Uwaje further said “Any country in the world is capable of mastering her ICT destiny provided she concentrate on developing infrastructure and skilled capacities to promote her core competences and domestic market requirements as a precondition for mastering the export market,”

The Software expert decried the approach of Policy makers in the Country towards the Information technology sector and called for proactive steps this year, that will ensure that apart from growth, development will be experienced in all other facets of the sector.