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Singapore, Malaysia to join forces and promote Nigeria’s construction industry

By on January 7, 2013


Construction workers at work

Considering the challenges Building and Construction Industries have been facing in Nigeria, the Nigerian Institute of Building (NIOB) is set to engage the technical assistance of Eastern Asian Tigers, Singapore and Malaysia to improve the quality of the sector in Nigeria.

This development was the outcome of a Study  tour of the two countries carried out by the Institute several weeks ago, as part of its programmes and activities to increase Bi-lateral and Multi-lateral relations in order to gain exposure  and learn more from various developmental efforts of other Nations in the Building and Construction Industry.

The issue of continuous collapsed buildings in the country has given rise to a great concern amongst experts, hence the need for strategy and urban planning efforts, as the Nation has witnessed collapse of several buildings across the country in recent times.

Speaking on the Outcome  of the Tour, the President of the Institute, Mr Chucks Omeife who led the delegation that included developers and individuals sponsored by corporate organizations and members of the Institute, said the visits were in line with the Institute’s Five year plan.

Mr Omeife said from the outcome of the tour that “The two countries visited, Singapore and Malaysia, have done very well in this area of affordable housing, by providing for majority of their citizens. This, they achieved by putting in place workable regulatory framework that covers construction   methodology for fast housing delivery and robust housing mortgage for their people.”

He said that although Singapore and Malaysia were not populated compared to Nigeria, the ability   of the Nations to provide Housing for about 90 and 80 percent of their citizens respectively, is something   worth emulating.

He believed that one of the ways a Nation can grow and become developed is by learning from the development efforts and strategies of nations that have attained  a reasonable developmental level.

One of the outlined goals of the Five year plan of the Institute, is to develop very useful buildings that meet global expectations, and also improve the quality of construction and property development in the country.