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Gas Industry Operators call for Dynamism in the Sector

By on December 3, 2012

Gas Plant

As Nigeria explores the potentials she has in utilizing her Gas to  power and drive the economy effectively, industry operators have expressed dissatisfaction with the progress report card of the sector due to the static posture of the policies and the framework.

Since the operations of the Nigerian Liquefied Natural Gas Company, several key summits  on ‘Gas Issues’ in Nigeria ended with the resolution that for the nation  to become effective and competitive in the globe, it must give more attention to its Gas policy.

The Managing Director of Oando Gas and Power plant Mr Bolaji Osunsanya delivering a paper  at the  2012 edition of the Nigerian Gas Association (NGA) International Gas Conference and Exhibition in Abuja,titled “Domestic Gas Market: Challenges and Opportunities for Expanding Gas Utilization,” emphasized the need for a more robust policy plan for  the sector.

He also identified the fact that for the Gas sector to thrive the needed Infrastructure that would bring stabilization and direction to the sector needs to be provided, while the relationship between he the Supply Channel sources and End Users should improve.

Speaking further at the conference he said “Our overall desire to achieve increased domestic gas utilization will only be sustained when opportunity meets preparedness, The talk must shift  from our internal sector discussions to the public circle. All Nigerians must be given proper orientation  on the issues and strategic resolutions must be proffered and implemented ”.

The challenge of the slow pace of reforms in the sector  he highlighted could impede or hamper the viability and efficiency of the very promising and viable sector in the country, which should be another major earner after crude oil.

Recently to show how crucial the Gas sector is to the Nation’s economic development, the National Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC) held a forum with stakeholders to discuss and finalize a communiqué and roadmap for the utilization of Gas for power in the country.

It is therefore expected that the issue of Gas production, supply, pricing and other areas will be given more prioritization in terms of policy plan and direction, to guarantee its sustainability.