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Obama Optimistic on Resolution to Fiscal Cliff

By on November 19, 2012

President Barack Obama of the United States has expressed confidence that no matter the differences he has with the congress , the Nation  will pull through the Setback of having fiscal issues .

Speaking  in Bangkok, Thailand in his tour of south eastern nations he showed determination that the fiscal situation that is creating a lot of concern in the global market will be dealt with.

Part  of  his tour will be his historic visit to Burma were he will  speak with the Leaders on democracy and its key values amongst which is giving people across board the opportunity to express their opinions and views on governance through elections.

As analysts continue to assess the situation in the United States, it has been clear  that the political economic condition of the world’s leading economy needs proper restructuring.

Treasury Secretary  secretary Timothy Geithner believes an earlier resolution of the fiscal issue will help erase any devastating and hurting effect on the American economic recovery plan.

Both White House and the Congress are trying to come to a compromise over the issues of Increase tax revenues and budget spending cuts, considering the fact that the American Government has outstanding debts and bills to pay.

The crossroad situation calls for a timely intervention and we may be witnessing another dying minute agreement like last year when the Congress and White house had to agree to an extension of the debt ceiling thus avoiding a recession.

It is widely hoped that Obama’s second term will start on a good note and that is a speedy resolution of the fiscal challenge, which should position America on the path to economic sustainability.