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Striking South African Miners Agree to End Strike

By on November 15, 2012

After two months of letting down tools and massive protests  which culminated in the killing of over 20 miners, the Striking Miners with the Anglo American Platinum of South African have agreed to the new terms of the  Management meaning an end to the Strike.

Prior to this the Major Unions of the South African miners had succeeded in mobilizing and gaining the massive Support of the Miners to stage massive strikes and protests over their welfare and remuneration conditions.

The Gold and Platinum sectors of South Africa which is the highest revenue earner for the Country had been on a terrible decline level in production because of the Strike and the Mbeki Government came under fire when police officers opened fire killing about 22 miners.

That brought a twist to the Strike and enraged the miners the more giving them more ground to state their grounds that the Companies were extended frontiers of neo-colonialism, focusing more on their interests than staff welfare.

Also several weeks ago it will be recalled that the Union  Leaders and the Management of the Anglo American Platinum reached a deal which majority of the other miners termed unfavourable to their conditions, and despite pleas from the Union leaders the miners still continued their strike which was termed  ‘Illegal’.

After several considerations the Management of the Anglo-American Mining firm felt it was definitely time to take a proactive and bold step by putting an end to the series of strikes by renegotiating an offer.

With the leaders of the Unit of Anglo American Mining Workers agreeing to the new offer of the management the miners who have been defiant for the past 2 months, will now be prepared to go back to their mines.