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Africa Innovation on display at Maker Africa Faire

By on November 13, 2012


The Maker Africa faire is underway this week n Lagos, Nigeria as people from the tiniest to the biggest villages in Africa converge to showcase new technological discoveries that can bring solutions to the continents challenges.


This initiative is a combination of traditional handicraft to technological robotics display revealing that the Continent that was referred to as dark, is bringing the light of amazing and breath taking innovation never imagined before.


Erik Hersman the man behind the crowd sourcing and crisis mapping Ushahidi inititative believes the moment for the continent to reveal its technological revolution has come and hidden inventions that have been in obscurity are coming to limelight, because the next level for the continent is innovation.


The initiative is borne with the vision of promoting home made African inventions that can solve the challenges of the African people and it is believed that this platform could galvanize a new dimension for Africa.


In last year’s platform conference organized by the Covenant Christian Centre Indian Prolific writer Dr Anand Girhadas said that the time has come for Nigeria and Africa to rediscover the innovative potential like India to gain competitive value in the global market.

Some of the innovations on display this year are the Farmking a ‘Portable processing machine for root and crops’ developed by  65 year old Engineer Sulaiman Famro who completed his graduate education in United States.


Also Odo Gerald a 15 year old teenager has been wowing small boys with about four new toys he has made at the fair they include a dump tuck, elevator, and excavator. He used wires, syringes, water and small tubes to achieve this.


There is also the Tricycle Limo that can hold up to 12 people, an innovation from Ibrahim Adekunle and Shola Omoniyi  which costs about $9,000 to make  and took about two weeks to put together, with the chassis strengthened by a long pipe.