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Agbaje urges Nigerians to explore the Knowledge Based Economy

By on November 12, 2012

Economic Consultant, Dr. Opeyemi Agbaje

Speaking at the session on Knowledge economy at the Just concluded Kuramo Conference 2012 at the Eko Hotel, Strategic Policy consultant Dr Opeyemi Agbaje who is also in the board of the Businessday Newspapers stated that the time has come for the Nation to ruthlessly drive this sector.

The Knowledge economy has to do with innovation, high value for Information technology, research, creativity and exploration of the potentials of the web based Industry.

Noting the economic transformation of Nations like South Korea, Singapore, India, Japan, China, Rwanda etc   he believed that Nigeria can join the ranks if it gives great value to the Industry.

He asserted that beyond policy framework by Government there must be a deliberate Public-Private sector partnership structured to drive the sector and make it a key hub for the Nation.

Citing the impact of Mobile technology companies and the Internet technology industry on  the Global markets, he believed that Nigeria  can also become a player in the Industry if she set her priorities right for the sector.

President Goodluck Jonathan recently set up the Broadband Committee after a Global report on the usage of the internet services put Nigeria at a low rate in terms of utilization.

The Committee has the task of ensuring that the capacity and expansion of Nigeria’s bandwidth is enhanced in other to boost the growth of the Information technology Industry, which has not been viable at the moment.

Currently it is the Knowledge economy that is majorly driving the economy of the United States of  America with stocks of Apple Inc, Facebook Social Media corporation, and Google Inc Internet technology company becoming major players.

Nigeria since 2000 has been exploring avenues with which she can fully harness and develop the ‘Knowledge economy base’.   But with the Information Technology Ministry , it is expected that dynamic and strategic policies that will drive the economy will be explored vigorously.