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Lagos State Government reveals plans to offer okada riders jobs

By on November 8, 2012

The Lagos State Government may offer jobs to genuine commercial motorcycle operators affected by the recent ban on their operations.

The State Commissioner for Transportation, Mr. Kayode Opeifa, however said that any measure arrived at by the government to provide succor to the commercial motorcycle operators  in Lagos would be restricted to the genuinely registered ones.

He spoke at the 11th Business Forum of the Lagos State University’s MBA Heritage held on Lagos Island on Wednesday.

He said that the decision to ban Okada in Lagos streets was irrevocable.

He said, “We are resolute about the Road Traffic Law; there is no going back on it. But we are going to re-certify the okada operators resident in Lagos.

“We are going to start a registration process, and in the process, if we discover those who have skills, we will send them to the skill acquisition centres established by the state government to hone these skills.”

Many of the okada riders have had to abandon the business, as the new law prohibits them from plying major roads and bridges in the state. According to the new traffic law, only those with 200cc engine capacity can operate in the permitted areas.






Source: The Citizen