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Jack Welch faults U.S jobs data again

By on November 6, 2012


Corporate Icon, Jack Welch

As the election begins in the United States of America, one of its corporate legends, Mr Jack Welch has once again lashed out at the October Jobs data for the consecutive month.

Well why does he have issues with the last 2 months Jobs statistics?  That cannot be substantiated but going by his recent interviews, it seems clear that he is not impressed with the Obama Job approach.

He stresses that the Job figures are being manipulated for Political gains, a very amazing  and indicting assertion, especially when it is known that Mr Welch over the years has been endorsing the Jobs data report.

Despite the fact he supports Governor Romney it is once again clear that America is really politically divided and a lot of sentiments are going to cloud the elections, this is  clearly one of them.

According to Bloomberg news, Mr Charles Plosser Chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank and Mr Douglas  Holtz Eakin former congressional director of the budget believe the Jobs reports are credible and notable.

Whatever the case time will tell how valid the U.S Job data is and it should reflect the sincerity of the trusted economic system of America that has been a standard in  the globe for many decades.