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Subsidy fraud: Jonathan Turns his Back on Desperate Marketers

By on November 1, 2012

Scales of Justice

The perpetrators of the fuel subsidy fraud may be heading towards their waterloo as sources have confirmed that the president has refused to give audience to the distressed marketers who made efforts to get the Presidency to influence their trial.


Information gathered in Abuja reveal that those indicted and the representatives of those standing trial made frantic efforts to see the president but could not.


In the past week the desperate marketers have been conversing with some presidential aides without reasonable outcome, reports confirm that they are still fighting to see the president who is unavailable to see them.


Besides, we learnt the President Jonathan also warned his aides against meeting with those indicted or standing trial, warning them severely that anyone caught up or drawn in the matter would have himself to blame.


Another source revealed that the president does not want to be seen with those responsible for the massive corruption and has told his aides not to meddle with the on-going cases instituted by the Economic and Financial crimes Commission, EFCC, against the marketers for the sake of his reputation and that of the Government.


A number of influential people and their family members have been hauled up over the subsidy fraud and some are by now standing trial in different law courts.


“The marketers have become desperate and we are expecting various types of attacks in the next few days. However, we are happy that Nigerians cannot be fooled. It is too late to discredit the thorough job of committee that investigated the subsidy,” an informed source said.