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Ottoabasi Abasiekong: Politics And State (14)

By on October 20, 2012

It was fireworks all the way on the night of 16th October, 2012 when President Obama squared up in the second round of the Presidential debate with Governor Mitt Romney in a townhall setting at Hempstead, New York.

This debate was a session for undecided voters to ask series of questions bothering them ahead of the elections and the moderator a woman for the first time in 20 years Candy Crawley was the moderator, Crawley a senior CNN correspondent and seasoned journalist lived up to her rating as she coordinated the debate in a superb manner from start to finish.
If it were a movie it would be tagged ‘The Return of Barack’ as the President looked more assertive and aggressive marshalling his points, highlighting his achievements and his plan for the future, while Governor Romney was also composed and critical of the perceived failed Obama administration policy on tackling unemployment, Four Issues came out that will be key and decisive for who wins the election.

First was the issue of Jobs and Unemployment , while the current statistics show that unemployment has gone down to 7.8 percent, Governor Romney expressed concern that 23 million Americans are still out of jobs and the middle-class are seriously hurting because of the President’s poor economic strategy.

The President defending himself believed that despite the slow recovery, things are picking and believed that investing in education and research will empower and equip the young Americans with requisite skills that will make them competitive with their counterparts from other countries in the world.

He asserted that the fundamentals of the American prowess can be attributed to the sound educational framework it has had over a century, presently on a decline and in need of a revamping.
What he shared as his vision for tackling the jobs and unemployment was to sustain key investments in educational system that will equip the young Americans to have good paying jobs, Improve the Student loan programme and revive the Manufacturing sector complementing what he did with the Auto Industry.

Governor Romney believes Oil production and drilling should increase, and as a champion of small businesses he said will invest and provide more incentives for them to thrive because the current Obama tax system has killed the potentials for the small businesses to drive more creativity, innovation and employment.
The Second vital issue was Taxing and Cutting the deficit and managing the huge debt profile of the United States of America, President Obama stated that he inherited a $10 trillion deficit due to the War cost on Iraq and Afghanistan and a failed Bush economic policy that precipitated the recession of 2008, he said to move America from deficit to surplus is to tax high-income earners who earn above $250,000 a month with a high burden to help the middle-class earners.

Governor Romney believes that the rates must be brought down for all levels as he stated that 54% of Americans who work in companies are taxed individually, which is hurting, he further specified that there will be no taxes on interests and capital gains even as the workers whether high—income or middle-income will have options for tax deductions.
President Obama attacked Governor Romney saying there is no specifics on what loopholes he will close and therefore his $8 trillion deficit cut plan will be diverted to military spending, and with no burden for the high-income earners means an increased burden on the middle-income earners.

Governor Romney fighting back cited the fact that President Obama promised to reduce deficit from the Bush era, but instead increased the debt profile from $10 trillion to the current $16trillion and could get worse if he is re-elected warning America could be on the path to Greece.

On the Third Issue which was on Immigration President Obama stated his belief in Fixing the ‘Broken Immigration System’, easing the gridlock that hinders potential skilful and talented people across the world from coming to a Nation of great opportunities, but also emphasized more border patrol.

Governor Romney on his part affirmed that the United States is a Nation of Immigrants, but believes that the process should have more legal framework which ensures the issuance of visas and green cards to people across the world who have requisite skills that are need to help build the political economy and also stressed the need for an employment verification system.
Final issue the Foreign Policy which will still be debated on Monday the 22nd of October, President Obama was under fire for his approach to the Libya killing of the U.S Ambassador and four other staff.

Governor Romney said President Obama did not describe the act as that of terror, which was rebuffed by Candy Crawley that the President actually described it as a terrorist attack.
It was dramatic, energy sapping, engaging, vivacious and though Obama fared better, Romney still looked assertive and convincing and the remaining days to come will be key.

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