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Digital Communication to generate thousands of Jobs in Nigeria

By on September 21, 2012

The hospitality businesses are positioning to benefit of the emergent prospects in social media, therefore it is significant for them to use digital modes to communicate with their clients said Mr. Alexander Gassuer, the Managing Director, Sheraton Hotel, & towers. Speaking yesterday at an event noted that Digital Communication in Nigeria has enjoyed extraordinary benefaction over the last few years.

He stated that digital communication has grown by over 50 per cent making the disclosure to declare the first yearly digital media summit being structured by Sheraton Hotel and Towers, in union with Forum Inspire, Gassuer said that Nigeria accounts for approximately one hundred million, out of about 900 million subscribers hosted in diverse social media across the world.

He stated that in America and Europe for example, Facebook produced 450,000 jobs, with over 800 million subscribers with over eight thousand companies designing and selling digital applications, saying that that such achievement could be attained in Nigeria.

“This network is an energetic part of employment and stands a flourishing industry for any nation. He further explained how social media could generate jobs and create a platform for business and economic empowerment.  That Nigeria will be soon joining countries like the United States of America, Canada, United Kingdom, and Ireland who have held annual digital media forum summits over the past five years.

“Experts on our team drawn from the United States, Israel, United Kingdom, Nigeria, and South Africa will focus on digital technologies and social media for effective application in areas such as Aviation, Power, Security, Education, Agriculture, Judiciary, and Entertainment, which is fast becoming a strategic revenue source to natural resources in Nigeria,” Oseji stated.

He informed that the experts would be surveying the dynamics of these technologies, particularly towards tendering solutions in piracy, digital rights management, content monetization, and sharing, adding, “These are tough areas which have been beseeching for progress and which digitization has found planned and sustainable answers to.”

The event with the subject, ‘Advancing Digitalization in Nigeria’, will assemble industry professionals from around the world to share knowledge on digitization as well as social media and how it can be surveyed by developing economies like Nigeria to create employment.

The summit will be collaborating innovative Equipment Manufacturers, OEMs, such s Adobe, Alcatel-Lucent, Microsoft, and Datalogics, and will display expositions by a variety of technology operatives through the meeting.