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Nissan to open Assembly Plant in Nigeria

By on September 14, 2012

Nissan Motors

Nissan Motors has said it is poised to open an assembly plant in Nigeria as a result of its satisfaction of the quality of infrastructure and sales opportunity in the country.

Regis Tromeur, the Managing Director of Alliance Autos Nigeria Ltd, disclosed this during a visit to Lister Motors in Ibadan yesterday.

He said, “We are impressed with what we have seen here today in terms of infrastructure to carry out sales and after sale services.

“We are working hard to capture the commercial opportunities in auto market in the country. As we all know, automobile business is about selling and maintenance of cars. As we deliver quality products to our clients, we are also going to offer quality after sale services.

“Having a plant in Nigeria is part of the possibilities that we are looking at. In each of the 36 states, we want to differentiate ourselves by occupying the number one position.”

He also disclosed that there were plans to reopen Nissan auto dealership in Ibadan in conjunction with Lister motors.

Speaking on the developments, the Chairman of Lister Motors, Alhaji Arisekola-Alao said, ““We are going to ensure that Nissan attains its pride of place again in the Nigerian auto market. We decided to stop importation of cars and went into flour milling business about 30 years ago due to changing government policies and bad economy. But, we shall now focus on importation of Nissan vehicles.

“I must say that we are overdue for a Nissan assembly plant in Nigeria. We once proposed the setting up of a plant in Ilorin, but that plan did not materialise.”

  • adesina

    Great plans. I suppose its situated in Ibadan.