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Zenith Bank and Visafone Introduce EaZyMoney

By on September 13, 2012

Zenith Bank HQ

Zenith Bank and Visafone Communications Limited have introduced a new mobile money payment system that is compliant with the vision of the cashless economy. The product is called the EaZy Money and it was unveiled to the public yesterday.

Speaking at the launch, an executive director of Zenith Bank, Peter Amangbo said that the mobile services to be offered by EaZy money would be an opportunity for the financial inclusion of the unbanked in the Nigerian society.

He said, “We are proud to be working in strategic partnership with Visafone on this mobile money initiative and we feel that the combination of innovation and customer focus for which Zenith Bank is so rightly recognised, combined with the financial strength and trust with which the bank is held will be a unique and successful partnership.”

Also speaking at the launch, Chief Operations Officer (COO) of Visafone Communications Limited, Mr. K. V. Srinivasa said Eazy money represents a remarkable opportunity for our company to provide a secured and dependable platform to drive the cashless society project.

He added, “our platform is deployed on UTK (User Identity Module Tool Kit for CDMA networks) which is by far one of the most advanced and secured global smart card technology that our network is introducing for the use of the mobile phone as a banking tool both for the banked and the unbanked.”

“Zenith Bank’s EaZymoney is set to revolutionise mobile money transactions and will guarantee convenient and secure ways to carry out financial transactions. There is great optimism that customers and potential customers should brace up for a remarkably new experience with EaZymoney.”