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Stock Market Review: Top Banking Stocks by Year-to-Date Performance

By on September 12, 2012

Banking Sector Participants


The Nigerian Stock Exchange is offering investors some good returns so far this year. Some stocks have returned as high as 117% (International Breweries) and 101% (CAP Plc) as at today’s closing prices.

As at today, the Nigeria Stock Exchange has returned 19.82% year to date (ytd). Our report focuses on the banking sector, where Access Bank is leading the financial services sub-sector. The bank’s share price has returned 81% to its shareholders in 2012.

Trailing the banking sub-sector is Union Bank, with a return on investment of -38% ytd.

UBA is the second best performer with 70%ytd, followed by First Bank +59%.


The sub-sector’s performance is represented in the league table below: