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PHCN Employees Jubilate on News of Nnaji’s Termination

By on August 29, 2012

PHCN workers across the country have made it quite clear that they will not miss the former Minister of Power, Barth Nnaji.

During the PHCN strike, some PHCN employees in Lagos told Businessnews the minister was afraid to come to Lagos for fear of being mobbed by them. Nationally, the workers waged a cold war with Nnaji due to the minister’s refusal to pay them the severance benefits they sought.

Reacting to Nnaji’s termination the General Secretary of the Senior Staff Association of Electricity and Allied Companies (SSSAEA) said all the PHCN workers across the country were thanking God.

His words: “God has eventually answered our prayers and made the government to listen to us. It is obvious that the government has noted his several misdeeds. We are all very happy. In fact, we thank God for answering our prayers. We hope the government will appoint a right person that will carry all stakeholders along, especially the union to give Nigeria a stable power supply”.

Speaking in reaction to the battle waged against him by the ‘powers that be’, Nnaji said he knew it was only a matter of time before the fight would cause him to be a casualty.

Nnaji said, “The Federal Ministry of Power has always known that the beneficiaries of the old and decadent order in the electric power sector would not accept the new, far-reaching changes in the power sector without a fight.

“With power supply at an all-time high across the nation in the last few weeks and with the privatisation of PHCN assets at an advanced stage to the delight of the Nigerian people, those who have been feeding fat on the misery of our citizens have been fighting back with unimaginable ferocity.”

He also blamed the mass media for the development saying “they have not left anything to chance in the determination to scuttle the electric power reform, including spirited attempts to recruit some members of the mass media.”


  • jonathan okorie

    Nigeria is not ready to change for good. So this stupid sect of people that called themselfs PHCN is happy to this urgly news that the only man that gave us light without any shaking of light is out! God will not forgive who ever that is happy for his resignation. Am sorry for this our Nigeria, bcos there will be nomore light in this our yeye country. We will not know when PHCN is on strike and when they are not, bcos we are already living without light, atleast importation of generator will go higher now. I pity you Nigeria, but the bad leaders will surely die on seat so said the Almighty God.

  • Adigun

    Hmn Nigeria, when are you going to grow up for God’s sake. PHCN, so u prefer to keep Nigeria in perpetual darkness. What has Nigerians do to you to deserve this.