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IBB Threatens to Expose Buhari’s Corruption

By on August 28, 2012

Former President, Muhammadu Buhari

Former President Ibrahim Babangida has threatened to expose the corruption of Former President Mohammed Buhari especially as relates to his tenure as Minister of Petroleum.

Buhari was appointed Minister of Petroleum in 1976 under the Murtala/Obasanjo administration. Not much is known about any scandals that occured during his tenure as Minister, but there are rumors of the mysterious disappearance of US$2.8 Billion from the NNPC account in Midlands Bank in the United Kingdom, during Buhari’s stewardship.

Now that IBB has threatened to expose him, it lends a certain credibility to the rumors indicting Buhari of grand graft.

Babangida who released a statement through his media adviser, Prince Kassim Afegbua said, “On Gen. Buhari, it is not in IBB’s tradition to take up issues with his colleague former President. But for the purpose of record, we are conversant with Gen. Buhari’s so-called holier-than-thou attitude.

“He is a one-time Minister of Petroleum and we have good records of his tenure as minister. Secondly, he also presided over the Petroleum Trust Fund ( PTF) which records we also have. We challenge him to come out with clean hands in those two portfolios he headed. Or, we will help him to expose his. “records of performance during those periods. Those who live in glass houses do not throw stones. Gen. Buhari should be properly guided.”

  • Aminu Gummi

    No one is perfect in this world, no matter what Buhari did or stole, he will forever remain a saint compared to your thieving boss.

    • alex akindumila

      The point is not about who is worse but that a thief is flapping round the country claiming to be clean. IBB does not seem to be denying his own graft but saying there’s a fellow thief that’s accusing others of stealing.

      • ashiwaju1000

        IBB should brink it on the table. B, has seen the body language of Buhari in their last meeting @ an occassion in Niger state, where he declined to be Chairman with Buhari on the seat.

        Buhari did not fear to refer to him as ‘Maradona’ that sent him a signa that Buhari gonna send him to jail 2015.

        IBB is a liar and should not be trusted. But I want him to come out publicly to say what he caught Buhari with to clear the air. Pdp are all liars!

      • Omoegba

        So in your own book, if someone accept to be a thief, therefore, they are innocent. I hope General Buari, would probe IBB.

    • Ike Umunri

      Like some of you have already said Buhari might not be a saint but people like IBB and his cronies would never allow or let Buhari to win ( over there dead bodies) because Buhari will run them out of the country or they will go to prison. Nigeria needs to be sanitized.For me we shouldn’t be recycling all those old men and women.

  • Aisha Audu

    If IBB has anything worth believing about Buhari’s criminality, why is it taking him all these years to come out and say it? Where did he get the money to build his 50-room hilltop house in Minna? Buhari may not be a saint, but IBB is a CRIMINAL.

    • ashiwaju1000

      He’s nothing to say! IBB is scared of going to jail when Buhari get to power 2015. He’s a liar.

  • Bello sabo abdulkadir

    It is good the reporter dubbed it rumors, knowing IBB, he will never allow such a statement to emanate from him nor his spokesman. This is a figment of the writers imagination and at best sensationalizing issues at its best, irrespective of the fact that he IBB removed Buhari from power, their relationship remain cordial and no any political wrangling will warrant such statement. At best, IBB and the Northern Political Leaders Forum were the brain behind the botched alliance between CPC and ACN during the 2011 presidential election.

    • George Glory Osaghae

      Let IBB expose Buhari and Buhari expose IBB then Nigeria benefit.

  • Axeman777

    Hausa-fulani thieves…

    • Ahmed

      I see… May b dats y IBORI n co are also Hausa-fulani. Am actually not suprised wt wat u said, if u had known wat “Axeman” mean u won’t let pple call u dat not 2 talk of u callin urself. Its a pity

  • Lukman Mustapha

    Wallahi Buhari is not a saint. I cannot wait until IBB expose him. Buhari stole billions and he acts like Mr. anti-corruption. That is why he and el-rufai must never be allowed to rule. they are hypocrites at best and rogues

    • Pure


  • obunri Esla

    All dis old thieves shud go and rest and allow people of this era rule.make dem no cum dey form anytin 4 us.

  • ezekiel atewojaye


    Dogs no dey chop dogs they will only let us know what they want us to know.
    They will never say anything NEW. Abi no be Northern Generals? Forget about
    their noise it’s all mere gimmicks.

    It’s highly unfortunate that our civilian rulers performed
    disgracefully thereby paved the way for them to come as people’s saviours. We
    cannot expect mai-guards to perform better mostly with guns and triggers in
    their possession.

    Yoruba says Jagun jagun ko se fi oba mu. Sugbon Bi Oba Aye
    ko ba le mu soja Oba Orun ko le mu enikeni ti.

    Please let’s leave them alone with their loots or our Goodluck Declare
    Unusual Amnesty for the looters to
    reactivate our economy and lay down proper rules on dos and don’ts on
    governance and public administration with open door and proper accountability.

    The President Must Bell the Cat If He Is So Wish; after all
    he have got peoples mandate through ballots not through Barrels of Guns.

  • Onidodo

    IBB is not serious at all. Reveal whatever and stop threatening Buhari.

  • ibrahim jimoh

    but y? ibb committing all him power to stop buhari frm
    comn into power.d secrate is dat he can affort to loose
    his opportunity to block d chance of buhari! who is fooling
    who. ibb was one who started ruining dis country



  • lawalc

    tell us more pleaseeee

  • Pure

    IBB is a bloody liar and a foolish thief. Silly old man souls ask God for forgiveness, and die in peace. Buhari has said the Rut in the Oil Sector started in IBB’s time, and that is so true. Big thief still opening his stupid mouth to expose someone…oya expose na, make we see. Very long hisssssss

  • m-six

    but seriously,somebody tell me how old is Buhari?wont this man give up his quest for power and die in peace?must he die a president?I cant believe that people like Babanghida can still open their mouth to judge others,i beg keep ur secrete cos am sure u did worse than Buhari.

    • Basa

      i believe you don’t to know the mission of this man. He is fighting for your right, freedom and right for one man one vote that is all, if we can get one then he is free to go home and rest.

    • ashiwaju1000

      Age is bt a number. How old was Mandela of South Africa?



    • Nduka Tolefe

      IBB must be off his rockers, he destroyed the Nigerian economy, brought in his colonial masters in the IMF and imposed the SAP program, devalued our currency, introduced 419, he partnered Gloria Okon by destroying peoples lives with drugs, he robbed us blind. Afegbua must be an arse hole. He needs to keep quiet – Buhari anytime.

      • lotanna azubogu

        Babangida might be all your said. He has never claimed to be more catholic than the pope. But what about the man he talked about: An old, shameless and sanctimonious deceiver. A decent man will never threaten to spill the blood of the citizens he is, supposedly, seeking to salvage, if he looses election. An incorruptible man will not clone a school certificate in order to be president. I dare Buhari to shame his critiques like myself, through decent and compassionate leadership, but he can’t.
        As the days turn into months and years, Buhari’s true identity will be all too manifest for all to see.
        Please take these words to the bank

        • stanleyarinze

          You are clearly clueless and delusional…sorry and am sure u are either for aba or Umuahia.

    • king

      When the younger ones cannot perform, elders can not be in market and watch new born baby;s head mis – moulded:

  • kolao

    There is absolute respect in military,no matter any statement from each camp,I know that IBB will never utter such statement is only a figment from the reporter.

  • TONY


    • Akachi

      Maybe, just maybe, una no get am.

    • zona

      Who doesn’t know that Buhari is corrupt? I always pity people that called this man a non corrupted man without asking what happened to PTF he managed

      • BlackDiamond

        He managed ptf and build 2 refinery under 4 years, while PDP has been ruling for 15 years and has nothing to show for it

        • Kola

          He managed PTF under which party?


        but better than many. corruption is order of the day now.

      • king

        if he embezzled can you tell us which bank he kept the money or the property he bought with it

        • lotanna azubogu

          The dumbest question I’ve heard in a year.
          What about telling us where all the people you presume to be corrupt kept the monies they stole or the properties they bought with it



      • Busybody

        Hospitals are still using free PTF drugs till date 20 years after.

  • nico g.

    People on this forum should stop tribalising corruption,its a nigerian thing not just a northern problem! Every politician is a liar.

  • gush

    I no want to go to prison

  • AngryChristian

    The Father of corruption?
    Whose wife was reported to be a drug baroness?
    If such a man calls me a thief I will throw a party to celebrate – it means I am doing well!!

    • Akachi

      That’s not true; it takes a thief to catch a thief. if IBB called him (Buhari) a thief, that means he really is one. If IBB calls me a thief, and does so convincingly, I would consider ‘retiring’ and going to die in shame. There should be no doubts about this.

      • abba aji abba

        U are not serious somebody that’s was investigated by obasanjo for eight years just to nail him down and he end up with nothing and u still belief ibb for his useless allege. If some money is misapproperated under his leadership that’s not a reason for any atrocities, he is human. What then do u call who endulge him self to abscorn with ppls billions and still regarded as a celeb who’s wife is a drug Barron etc



        • UDada Michael Sunday

          If OBJ ended up with nothing he would never have supported his presidential bid!Obj can never support anyone with clean records forget the lie!

    • Emmanuel Agbor

      No, it means thieves know themselves

  • Anon

    IBB is hypocrytic and we dont care.



  • Idris Ibrahim Makama

    we understand this story come from the enemies of our area Northern Nigeria, the when-ted us to to stared saying some thing about our elders, this statement is not from IBB, is from some one else.

  • Dr. Ahmed Isah Haruna

    Who is the architect of the corrupt polity that prevail in Nigeria today? I quote the statement of Obasabjo in Clissique magazine sometimes in 1988 about IBB, he said ” it has reach a stage that when the government say good morning, people have to look out several times through the window to ascertain the time of the the day before they answer” only your master can tell about you. Obasanjo also declared after the 2003 elections that ” there are only three honest people in Nigeria; himself, Buhari and one Emir”. IBB 50 bedroom flat was build with the stolen oil money, while Buhari live a modest lifestyle at Daura and Kaduna, Does Nigeria have 2billion US Dollars in midland bank during Buhari’s tenure as Petroleum Minister? If there is was, then how did Buhari took the money and where did he deposited the money since he doesn’t have a foreign account? Where is the said money when IBB detained Buhari for 40 months without trial? I thought that was the right time to expose Buhari using any fake tribunal, why now when IBB is a nobody in the political arena? Buhari need no evidence to tell the world that IBB single handedly whisk away with gulf war wind fall; amounting to almost 12.6 billion US Dollars, it was carried by many Nigerian dailies. IBB wife was a drug pusher which was why he killed Dele Giwa with a letter bomb because late Dele discovered the whereabouts of Glory Okon after she was announced dead by IBB government. Glory was the drug front for madam IBB. IBB was the first head of state that initiated oil bunkering and even dish out oil well to friends and family. If you add removal of oil subsidy , devaluation of Naira and institutionalization of corruption and wanton stealing at all levels of government, all these present IBB as the worst beast on this planet. Let him come out and talk about Buhari and then we compare it with his crimes against Nigeria. Nigeria has never seen a liar like IBB.

    • Peter Atejioye

      Pls, we cannot defend anything u are not incharge. I remembered vividly during Buhari tenure as Minister of petroleum when Buhari was tagged ‘Buhari Elepo’ then something happened to petroleum money. IBB was never a saint either (There was a time, I said IBB was about to legalize corruption) I’m not out to defend him.. Hello, when we shy from putting the record straight because of politics, Nigerian will ever remain in where we are now. Let us encourage IBB to expose Buhari and let him also expose himself or somebody else dose it. The Nigerians and God judge them.

  • franklin Dauda

    Hmm, People make i tell una ibb is right despite your opinion. during ibb’s tenure he did due diligence on all those who will raise their heads. every well known individual in the country has a file in ibb’s hands. He is calling buhari’s bluff . Buhari is threatening to jail every currupt person in the country and fighting curruption very hard. this implies that he is clean, but if he is not clean, he must calculate his steps carefully. this implies that curruption in the country started long before ibb came to power he is just better than those before him.

  • Tajudeen Ejalonibu

    What is it that Babangida can say about Buari that would ever be news or meaningful? ‘some one that had eaten stolen fresh yam is looking for a companion’ Let Babangida say it and he would force people to ridicule himself the most. After how many years? Babangida’s atrocity/crime/fraud is by the day. I personally visited Daura’s home family house of Buari, and also, know his Abuja only bungalow built for all former heads of state including Babangida. Buari has nothing anywhere. The Maradona ex-solder should look for something else to stay. By the way, has he forgotten that he was stepping aside when he claimed personal assaulted after the Abiola episode? let him now come around, and see his worth. People have no shame in Nigeria. Those who are the laughing stock are still talking in the public, sheet.

  • Thomas Ofem

    What a generation! Instead of rejoicing that these thieves are finally ready to expose themselves you guys are here defending them and taking sides. Where you there when they were looting this country dry? We should get together and banish these old thieves from our political landscape. Shame on us.

  • dan

    please god let all this thiefs layer old fools die so nigeria can be better every day one story to other this not what we youth want any longer we need to move on as other country

  • dan

    obj ibb buhari tonubo atiku sanusi all in government at the moment die you die die die we pray amen and amen

  • deji 01

    No one is a saint. Let but hand together for a better Nigeria. God bless Nigeria

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  • Uguma Monjok

    How will that help Nigeria?

  • Whales David

    …Ofcourse, I.B.B, has dossier of some many so-called holy-than-thou peeps in Nigeria. He is privy to so many confidential details. Based on his military constituency, which was “intelligence”

  • akinmosa abayomi

    Out of all our leaders there is not a single one that is clean, except we are all fooling ourselves. All hands should now be on deck to recover the loots from their hands and build a better Nigeria. If you belong to APC, and think this party is better than PDP, you are a fool , they are all same, same no difference.. Stop fooling yourselves.

    • Omoegba

      We still need a change, regardless.

  • arinze

    They are bring up stories that happened years before i was born and they still talking of ruling us..ndi oshi

  • Justice Daves

    IBB knows what awaits him as BOKO father from GMB. If JONA can not touch you, Buhari will.

  • Justice Daves

    IBB knows what awaits him as BOKO father from GMB. If JONA can not touch you, Buhari will finish you.We all know who want Buhari dead.God has a mission through BUHARI. No one can stop him.i

  • Nick

    Now every one have seen that we are having the same people in this country. Whether APC, APGA, LABOR,even MTN , all of them are keen for personal interest. No wonder Formal vice president son ( Mustapha ) came up to fight for the seat for his father.If the So tagged good leader (Buhari) Could made away with such amount of money as a Minister, what would happens If he mount there as a president?God forbid it! IBB you better dont allow this man to enter there, because he has you in mind as his number one enemy. That he became a caword as a formal head of state and also suffered from political nievity was because of you………

  • Omaretsule Eric Uwanikone

    Is there anyone of that can boldly say he has never committed an act of Corruption at any point in this country? Can you all just stop the rubbish of speaking for people who doesn’t care a dime about your well being. Jonathan is corrupt and we have seen that due to new age media but Buhari is also corrupt as a Former Militia and now fighting by all means to return at past 75yrs. If not that Nigerians are thieves and always wants more than they can actually give Nigeria as a nation, They will always blame it on a certain man. Buhari and Jona is a thief and please stop supporting them. Thanks

  • idris

    If Mr Kassim Afegua is really for and on behalf of IBB, then I must say that he and his principal are cowards and anything but patriots.The onus of prove is on he who allege. Let Mr. Afegua and his principal come clean of their ownership of No. 1, Hilltop Minna and the Dana conglomerates
    as well the numerous oil blocks.

  • Ishaya Medugu.

    There is no way IBB can compare himself with GMB. IBB is an outright criminal. GMB will clear the air soon about this issues. IBB knows that he is in trouble, unless GMB have a change of heart to forgive him. Otherwise, he has billion dollars to refund to FG.

  • Amara ike

    You people are getting it all wrong. There is no way anyody can be in government in NIgeria without enriching himself, no matter how little. What is $2.2b? IBB and co stole trillions of dollars. The issue of whether GMB stole money is not our business, if another government comes into power let them probe him until then he is the one who is going to be probing ex-officials for now. God can use anybody, he wants to use buhari to sanitize Nigeria and change our image. so that’s whats up. Whether he is a saint or not is not the issue. IBB is buhari’s arch enemy so he already knows he is going down. he had better act like some people who are already returning money before is too late, hahahahaha. day of reckoning is here people

  • Osanebi Osakuni

    I haven’t believed this report and will continue to wait for further reactions from the critical personalities associated with it. Has the unforgiving Buhari gone off his path into that of IBB behind the seen? It isn’t that Buhari and OBJ didn’t steal the N2.8B, equivalent to $5.6B today. Very interesting

  • Ibukun Bandele

    Na lie, ha ha ha, miscreant drug dealer babangida, bring it on, expose it asap, yeye dey smell

  • honesty pays 2


  • MammanJiyaVatsa

    IBB is a rouge, simple !

  • robo

    If you threat to fight or freally fight corruption, corruption fights back. . Buhari needs all the support of all.

  • UDada Michael Sunday

    In PTF 25billion got mssappropriated and Salijoh his in-law who headed Afri project consortium was said to have committed suicide!

  • Isaac

    I want IBB to know that we all know about him and boko haram+corruption.such wicked man.

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  • vincentumenyiora

    [Those who live in glass houses do not throw stones. Gen. Buhari should be properly guided.”]

    This features Indeed, is a good food for consumption but am thinking how can these records and commitments help Nigerians and their leaders to come of political age or maturity bearing in mind that solutions were proffered under IBB to help organize Nigerians and her leadership on issues bothering on psychology to enable/ put them in position to think individually to be know what is actually happening around them as you have it in Europe and America we borrowed their system? I have just listened to the discussion on NTA’s Good Morning this morning 22nd February 2017 talking about proliferation of Agencies in Nigeria and how to rehabilitate (wean) those captured on Boko-haram’s membership! Going through the records you’ll see where I made a suggestion for the establishment of what I termed ‘National guardsmen’ to help the police force to check on the number of people infiltrating Villages in Nigeria what that policy if implemented could have impacted on the activities of terrorists in Nigeria! On the whole my solution against corruption and was raised in today’s discussion also by the Military officers in the NTA’s Good Morning!

    Problem of Nigeria is that you do not want those with solutions to participate in what you’re doing so that the problems keep recurring unchecked and you wonder what is the need to supply the solutions in the first place otherwise log onto; and see that ‘Vincent’ almost solved Nigeria’s problems that early single handed! Even at that and the hew and cry about corruption presently in the country you might ask, Where is the Vincent in spite of the contributions showing on the website! All that I want to remind count as part of corruption you’re talking about Nigeria, folks!