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Dangote Group Calls on Graduates to Seek Employment as its Truck Drivers

By on August 2, 2012

The Dangote Group obviously with good intentions at heart is advertising employment opportunities for graduates in Nigeria to become its truck drivers.

Many young Nigerians are a bit incensed at the scheme called the “Drivers Academy”.

According to a statement on the company’s website the scheme is to create opportunities for gainful employment for jobless youths in the country, Dangote Group is set to recruit about 2,000 Nigerians into its Academy to fill its transport division’s needs.

The scheme which will revolutionalize the road transport sub-sector of the economy is designed to improve the professionalism in the transport division of Dangote Industries Limited by engaging graduates and other educated Nigerians as drivers after months of training.

Dangote Group’s spokesman Tony Chiejina said, “the Academy seeks to provide the talent pipeline for the Group while filling the industrial skill-gap in Nigeria. As a result, the Academy just initiated a project called, ‘The Drivers Academy’ which aims at recruiting and training 2,000 Nigerian graduates to become professional heavy-duty vehicle drivers for the newly established Super Fleet of the Group.

“It is hoped that this initiative will assist to uplift the operating standards in road transport industry, promote entrepreneurship and open up various career opportunities.”

Some young Nigerians are a bit incensed at the opportunity, and had negative feed back for the scheme. You may view the comments here.

However the employment offer is bound to be oversubscribed due to the paucity of vibrant employment opportunities in the country.


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  • Cosmas Obiora Ikeche

    I think it is a noble idea. The remuneration must however reflect to show the level of training of the drivers. Being a graduate positions the drivers to show that they are better than non graduates in the quality of service rendered. With the success of this scheme, it should be extended to the oil industry to take care of the menace of unqualified drivers behind the wheels. Do not forget the value of the investment in the trucks to be controlled by these drivers and the value of product in their charge.
    Discipline, efficiency and sufficient reward for service should be the watch word.

    • JACOB

      sorry to cut you short in that idea , why should the federal government allow only one person to be importing flour mill in the country, i think thats not good at all,