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GLOBACOM Subsidizes Police Telecommunications

By on July 9, 2012

Indigenous telecommunications giant, Globacom has taken the initiative to subsidize the telecommunications needs of the Nigerian Police Force by providing them with 110,000 GSM lines.

The police can make calls toll free to other police officers in the closed user group of 110,000 potential personnel for a token cost of N 600/month. Calls outside the police network will attract minimal charges.

A Glo spokesman, Babatunde Amunikoro, said, “The facility will allow members of the Force within the Close User Group, GUC, to communicate among them free of charge for as long as they desire with a monthly access fee of N600 while they pay very minimal charges of calls outside the CUG.

“COOPCOM has been painstakingly designed to also make life easier for families of policemen across the country. We have considered the rate at which officers behind at various commands. This scheme will certainly reduce the gap of communication while on such posting,.

  • kester

    a beautiful initiative by Glo…