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Femi Otedola Calls Lawmakers “Hungry”

By on July 4, 2012

From all indications, it appears Femi Otedola has the House of Representatives by the balls as his conduct in the closed-door session revealed a confident party hell-bent on pursuing his mission to a logical conclusion.

And the logic appears to be thus, “you lawmakers are hungry. I’m Femi Otedola, friend to any government or forbes billionaire in power. I have $ 620,000 sitting idly on a private jet or private yacht at any given moment. I can operate with impunity!”

According to the Chairman of the House Committee on Ethics and Priviledges, Mr. Gambo Musa, the lawmakers were accused of being hungry by the oil baron.

Musa said, “He (Femi)  said he was a businessman and not hungry like us. Are we hungry? Is anyone hungry here?”

Femi Otedola refused to testify to the committee’s panel, and opted to read a pre-written statement.

The statement read, “This is a matter that has generated a lot of public interest and controversy.

“The House of Representatives Committee on the Management of Fuel Subsidy headed by Hon. Farouk Lawan held all its sittings in public.

“When this issue arose, the House of Representatives Committee on Ethics and Privileges publicly stated that its investigations would be held in public.

“It is therefore surprising and curious that this committee has made a U-turn to hold its investigative sittings in camera particularly in the light of unfolding events.

“I strongly believe that the interest of the public will not be best served if this investigation is held in camera.

“I have nothing to hide and will only speak on this issue when this investigation is conducted in a very transparent manner and the press as well as the general public are allowed to be present at the sittings of this committee from the beginning of its investigation to its conclusion.

“Thank you.

Femi Otedola, CON, 3rd July, 2012.”

The House Committee investigating the matter has said it has resolved to continue its inquiry into the matter, and will give all sides an equal opportunity to present their version of events.

  • Bacs4real

    mr. otedola or whatever you choose to call your self is absolutely not your foult! because you think you have government on your side rite?   

    • 9jaman

       You shouldn’t blame this guy; like he said, Nigerian lawmakers are hungry lions ready to devour anything from elephant to an ant. In normal circumstance the parliament is not the right institution to handle the case hence they will deal with him like enemy.