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Europe provides Jonathan administration with €197m funds for Reforms

By on June 28, 2012

The European Union has advanced €197m to the Federal Government in a financing agreement designed to assist the Jonathan administration in carrying out its reform programmes.

The funding will go towards reforms in the judiciary, water supply, strengthening of the electoral system and boosting security in the country.

The agreement was signed in Abuja by the Minister of National Planning, Dr. Shamsudeen Usman and the head of the EU delegation to Nigeria, Ambassador David McRae.

Dr. Usman said that the €197m will be utilized in the following manner: support to the justice system €27m (N5.89bn); fight against drugs and organised crimes, €36m (N7.86bn); water supply and sanitation, €94m Euros (N20.52bn); support to the Federal Government reform programme, €20m (N4.37bn); and support to the electoral cycle, €20m (N4.37bn)

He said, “While we are here to sign the five financing agreements, we should also note that the five projects are fully aligned with the present administration’s reform agenda. Specifically, the five projects are aimed at promoting good governance, security, transparency and accountability, curbing drugs and organised crime and reforming the justice sector.

“As the National Authorising Officer with the mandate to ensure the appropriate use of the European Development Fund resources in Nigeria, all selected implementing agencies will have to sign performance agreements with me on behalf of Nigeria, where they will commit to deliver on all the results set out in the project they have committed to implement.”

Ambassador McRae in his own delivery said, “These projects will contribute to poverty reduction, sustainable development and to the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals.

“I believe these projects will also strengthen relations between Nigeria and the EU on these issues.”